GoPro Releases Harness for Dogs

After DIY versions appeared on YouTube, the wearable camera innovators at GoPro have finally released “Fetch” the first GoPro camera harness for your dog. The new Fetch harness lets you capture the world from your pooch’s POV with camera mounts on both the chest and back.

According to GoPro, the adjustable harness was extensively tested on multiple breeds with different body types and skeletal structures. It fits active dogs of all shapes and sizes—from 15 to 120 lbs—and features adjustable straps with additional padding at all adjustment points. The chest mount can even be removed for smaller dogs with shorter legs.

Made of soft durable materials that perform well in water it can be safely machine or hand washed. Coupled with GoPro’s waterproof housing, it’s ideal for surfing dogs or pooches who like dog paddling in the pool chasing a ball. The chest mount is good for front-paw action scenes like running and digging, while the back mount captures great over-the-head shots like skiing, playing Frisbee, or following you down the trail. Quick-release bases make attaching and removing the camera easy. It also comes with a camera tether.

Whether you get one or not…prepare for the onslaught of adorable pooch POVs all over the internet.

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