Crazy Things Your Dog Will Eat

It was recently reported a Great Dane in Portland ingested 43 ½ socks. What’s with the ½ sock? Did he finally realize “These things taste like socks?”

And You Though They Only Ate Your Homework?
Experts say chocolate is bad for dogs; it affects their heart and not in the good way it does female humans. My German Shepard named Tama once ate $32 worth of those old “World’s Finest” chocolate bars the kids used to sell for school fundraisers. The kid’s shipment had just arrived and overnight our dog Tama helped herself to the whole stash. I had to refund everyone’s money while explaining that this was a good life lesson for the kids. Unfortunately it was not a good life lesson for Tama as in the next few months she ate a pot roast fresh out of the crock pot, a whole loaf of wheat bread and once gobbled a freshly caught trout, bones and all while on a camping trip.

Socks Are Number One
Tired of wondering where all the missing socks of the world go? They aren’t devoured by your dryer after all; it’s Fido. “Socks are the most swallowed items by pets.” Dr. Jennifer Mlekoday, from West Chelsea Veterinary was recently quoted in The New York Daily News. “It tends to be things that smell like the owners,” she continues, “they start playing with them and then wind up swallowing them.” This may explain the socks but I still don’t get the $32 worth of chocolate bars.

X-rays Tell the Tale
Search the internet and you will find numerous sites featuring x-rays submitted by veterinarians around the country. There are shots of dog tummies holding rocks, pencils, coins, safety pins and so much jewelry you could start your own pawn shop. It seems, next to socks, the next most lost item that comes in pairs is earrings. Well, now you know what happens to them as well.

If there’s a show about it, it must be a big deal right? National Geographic Channel’s “My Dog Ate What” runs episodes that feature dogs eating everything from tampons and muscle relaxers (probably from the same person) to needles, tennis balls, zippers, batteries and coins. I remember when National Geographic was just about pictures of the tribes of Africa and pretty mountain ranges; I guess they ran out of tribes?

Poop? Really?
Some dogs will eat other dogs poop but that’s understandable, heck, they eat our socks don’t they? My neighbor’s dog, who we’ll call Jasmine, which is her real name but we’ll use it because she can’t read, eats our family cat’s poop. She not only eats it, she’s so crazy about it we call it her “Kitty treats.” When she visits she beelines straight for the back fence, where our cat poops and which we call the Jasmine Buffet. The good part is I never have to clean any poop out of my yard. The bad part is when Jasmine licks my face.

Happy Endings
If your dog eats something out of the ordinary which is hard to ascertain when we’re talking poop, jewelry and socks you should pay your vet a visit. When we say “Pay” your vet a visit we mean it because it will cost you. Most of the time these things will pass, but some other times surgery is required. Dogs have been known to eat knives, forks, heck they have been known to eat any and everything within reach but if attended to promptly they will hopefully survive. One report mentions a Doberman/ Great Dane mix that ate a cell phone. The dog had have surgery and is doing fine. The phone however, had to be put down.