How Exercise Benefits Dogs

Better Behaviour
As any dog parent can tell you, boredom is the enemy. Destructive behaviour can become a major concern if you’re leaving your dog at home with too much pent up energy. By ensuring that your canine companion is getting plenty of exercise, you’re helping him run off extra steam and allowing him to use his time at home to rest as opposed to destroying your favourite shoes.

Brighter Mood
A well exercised dog is a happy dog. Combat doggy depression by encouraging your pooch to get up off the couch and pound the pavement. In addition to helping your dog stay happy, you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to reap the benefits that come with fresh air, sunshine, and getting your blood flowing when you take your dog out for a stroll.

Reduced Vet Bills
A healthy dog requires far less vet visits which means you’ll be saving serious bank. While it’s important to check in with the veterinarian for regular maintenance, you’re far less likely to rack up frequent flyer miles at the animal clinic if you’ve got a well exercised pooch. So instead of spending your hard-earned cash on vet bills, you can treat your best friend to some awesome new toys.

Healthier Gut
A lesser-known benefit to regular exercise is a healthier digestive system. By keeping your dog moving, you’re helping him avoid digestive issues which is often just as much of a gift for you as it is for him. Assuming that he hasn’t got any food allergies, you should notice that your well-exercised dog exhibits far less tummy troubles than his sedentary counterparts.

Stronger Connections
Spending quality time exercising with your dog helps you to bond with him, creating a lifelong connection that you won’t find anywhere else. Long walks and active games help foster a sense of trust and understanding between the two of you which leads to a stronger, happier relationship.

Longer Lifespan
It seems obvious but bears repeating: healthy dogs live longer and you can’t have a healthy dog without exercise. So on those days when the last thing that you feel like doing is getting outside, remind yourself that every mile you walk, you’re giving your pal the gift of longevity. Suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, does it?