Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Dog

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what’s more jolly than a puppy with a new toy? When Christmas rolls around, you don’t want your favorite four-legged pal to feel left out in the cold while everyone else is opening up new presents. Here are a few gift ideas to have on hand for Fido this season.

Stink-Proof Collars
We don’t like the smell of a wet dog after a long dip in the lake, so can you imagine how awful they must smell to themselves? Throw in a soggy collar and that smell is amplified. Help combat it with a stink and waterproof collar for your furry friend.

The Dublin Dog collars rinse clean in a matter of seconds and wick water away like no collar you’ve ever seen.

Chew Toys
There’s no end of toys to choose from, but none of them are quite as unique and useful as the Gripple. It’s designed with grip in mind for both humans and dogs. It has grooves that make it simple to hold and throw as well as a rope. It’s non-toxic and even floats on the water!

Fetch usually turns into a game of tug-o-war, so make it easier on yourself with a Tuggz. This rope comes with grips on each end, making it easier for you to hold on while your dog works on his jaw strength. The contours also make resistant to slime, so your hands might stay a little cleaner during playtime.

A New Bed
If you’re the type of intrepid adventurer who likes to take her pup everywhere she goes, then it’s likely that your dog might be tired of having to make do on the dirty ground while you spend the night comfortably in your sleeping bag. Help him out by gifting him with a pad of his own. The Nomad Pad is easy to roll up and pack away and lies comfortably on the forest floor, providing your dog with a cushion between him and the rocks. He’ll thank you for it in kisses.


Some Bling
Who says a dog can’t look stylish? Instead of a necklace, add a little sparkle to her look by throwing in a fancy tag on her collar. The Blazin ‘Heart tag is perfect for a pup who’s a little on the dainty side, but with a bit of an edge. Maybe your Labrador is a little on the emo side and would prefer a skull and Crossbones tag. It comes in pink or black, and you can add your own custom engraving.

If jewelry isn’t your pup’s thing, you can always opt for a nice winter sweater to help keep him warm. There are always a variety of dog boots to choose from, which help protect your dog’s paws while also warding off frostbite.

A New Bowl
If you’ve been lugging around your dog’s dish from home on your outdoor adventures it’s time to invest in something a little lighter and smarter. The Nomad Travel Bowl is collapsible, allowing you stuff it in your pack until you need it. When it’s time for a drink, simply unfold it and allow it to pop into place. You can pour in water and let your dog have a drink from water you know is safe.

Once he’s done, you simply dump it out, fold it back into place and slip it right back into your pack.

We’re not saying you have to get your pup all of these things for Christmas, but imagine how sad he’ll be when he sees the family opening up gifts and he doesn’t have anything new to play with himself. Throw the poor guy a bone, and a few toys while you’re at it.