Best Stocking Stuffers For Your Pup

Christmas is just a few days away and you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget the one that is always happy to see you. Here are few treats and toys that will be sure to please your favorite furry family member this holiday.

Lily’s Yuletide Delights For Dogsstocking1There’s nothing like a sweet treat to remind your pups you love them. Lily’s Yuletide Delights For Dogs is a festive combo pack of treats with both savory and sweet flavors. The Shiny Coat Baked Biscuits helps your pet’s hair looking healthy while the Fish Skin Parcels supporst brain function and the Red Berry Boost Snack Bar will keep your pup perky during the all holiday festivities.

4-Pack Dog Beer Chicken Flavorstocking2Just because you and the crew are enjoying the eggnog, wine, and other holiday spirits doesn’t mean your favorite four-legged family member should be left out of all the fun. The Snuffle Belgian dog brew is a non-alcoholic, non-sparkling concoction with a delicious blend of chicken stock, malt barley extracts, Vitamin B, and mineral oils.

Ruby Rufus Sweaterstocking3If Chanel designed exclusively for the four-legged variety of customers, Ruby Rufus would be it. The highly sought after, British-based company features bespoke sweaters and scarves for dogs which are fashioned after the latest runway trends. Make sure your puppy is dressed to nines in one of Ruby Rufus’ cashmere pieces—the new Tiggy Nordic Sweater is a perfect holiday knit with dove grey and ivory accents.

Mungo & Maud “Petite Amande” Perfumestocking5Delicate notes of blackcurrant, Tunisian neroli, violet leaf, mimosa, vanilla bourbon and hints of almond make Mungo & Maude’s “Petite Amande” fragrance a sweet-smelling addition to your puppy’s Christmas list. All that’s needed is a light spritz—and even better, you can use it too.

Company of Animals Interactive Feederstocking6You can’t go wrong with a gift that both looks cool and is good for your pet’s health. The Company of Animals’ Interactive Feeder is perfect for the dog that wolfs down his food or has digestive issues. The complex design of this feeder uses a textured surface to add a subtle challenge to meal time, slowing down the rate of consumption and reducing the risk of overeating, torsion, and bloat. The Interactive Feeder also comes in two sizes and is dishwasher safe.

Dublin Dog Gear and Toysstocking7Not to toot our own horn…but most of our own Dublin Dog products make perfect stocking stuffers. For the active dog who can’t seem to stay clean, a no-stink collar will make your life a lot easier. When you’re out hiking the beautiful snow-covered woods this winter, having a reliable leash is a must. And for those days when it’s too cold to go running through the woods, let your dog get all his energy out with a solid play toy.