Dog Park Romance

Looking for that love connection? Well, maybe you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. With the proliferation of dog parks worldwide, love is in the air. Okay, maybe that’s not love you smell but, if you follow these tips, maybe you and your dog will find that special someone.

Stop and Smell the Roses (and not the you-know-what’s)
Your dog has a particular way of checking out his possibilities and you should have yours as well. Just as Fido uses his sense of smell, you can use your senses too; just don’t bend over to do it. Eye contact works well with humans and a smile goes a long way too. Licking and smelling butts should be left to the dogs, and if you were even thinking otherwise, well you shouldn’t be out in public. If you do see someone of interest, smile, and remember you two already have at least one thing in common: your dogs.

Set a Good Example
If your dog is out of control, chances are you are too; at least, that’s what everyone else will think. Keep your dog in control. It’s not only a rule at most parks but will definitely help if you are attracted to someone at the park. If your dog jumps them or their dog, what does that say about you? Okay, maybe it’s just that you’re not a great dog trainer and not necessarily a pervert yourself, but to keep the moment going, keep Fido in control.

Down Boy
Some parks don’t allow dogs in heat. That should apply to owners as well. If you’re acting like the only reason you’re there is to pick someone up, it will show. It is supposed to be all about the dogs, even if you do have ulterior motives. Some parks such as the ones in Denver, Colorado also require the pets be spayed or neutered. Luckily that doesn’t apply to the owners.


Hire a Pro
It was just a matter of time, what with all the dating services these days, that pet dating companies would jump in the ring. While some like Leashes and Lovers.com are there for you to find like-minded pet lovers, there are outfits like Date My Pet.com that will not only hook you up with a partner but maybe find that perfect date for Spot as well. Believe it or not, dog owners are setting up play dates for their dogs. I thought it was bad enough when folks did it for their kids, but now we screen which butt Bowser is going to sniff.

A Whole New Type of Etiquette

There are dog park etiquette rules to follow. Cleaning up after your dog is a biggie. Bringing spare baggies could be a way to meet someone who forgot theirs. Controlling your dog and yourself will help you make friends and if your dog is a thief, which is not as big a deal for dogs as it is for people, you could use this to your advantage by promptly returning the stolen toys.

My Dog, My Wingman
A well trained dog is just about the best wingman you can ask for. Strangers are much more likely to approach you if you have a dog on a leash. Try this with your best friend or drinking buddy though and you’re a sadistic pervert and might get arrested. Babies in strollers tend to attract attention but hitting on a man or woman while pushing a stroller just seems to be bad form. A dog, or better yet a puppy on the other hand, is like a magnet and never fails. I’m not saying to get a dog just for picking up possible dates but hey, if I feed, house, clean up and exercise the little fella, the least he can do is pitch in.