Nomad Series - Bowl and Bed

Let Your Dog Camp in Comfort This Year

It’s time to pull out the tents and hiking boots because camping season is about to start! Now that warm weather has arrived, you and your pup are probably about to embark on plenty of weekend getaways to the woods. While you’re out there communing with nature, it’s important to keep your dog camping in comfort, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

You’ve probably gotten your dog to follow the basic commands like sit and stay, but the mountains and woods are a new environment and he needs to know how to behave safely out there. Consider enrolling your pup in outdoor safety classes so he knows not to run up and play with a bear or put his nose into something that’ll leave him with a burning rash. The last thing you want is for Fido to become some other animal’s feast.

While it’s easy to think that your pup will be perfectly happy lying on the ground while you’re all snuggled up in a sleeping bag, the truth is he’d probably prefer a bed of his own. He already gets one at home, right? There’s no excuse for not bringing along some padding for your best friend to keep his stomach off the rocks and twigs so he can get a full nights rest, especially when beds like the Nomad Pad are so easy to roll up and carry along.

Food & Drink
Your dog needs to eat out on the trail and when you’re sitting around the campfire, but lugging along his bowls from home means losing precious space in your pack. Instead, opt for a collapsible bowl that’s easy to clean. Some even contain reflective 3M so you can spot them easily with a flashlight or in the glow of a fire.

If your dog is lucky, you’re going to come across a river, lake or pond on your camping trip and, being the awesome dog owner you are, you’re going to let him get in the water, aren’t you? Of course you are. The problem is you’ll need to dry him off quickly if you want avoid the smell of wet dog the rest of the trip; that’ll kill any appetite you’ll have at dinnertime. Stuff a quick-dry towel into your pack to help dry him off faster and keep your car clean from all that mud he’ll be tracking.

Camping Collar
Dogs should have a collar for everyone occasion. We dress up all the time, so why can’t our four-legged friends? For camping, you don’t have to worry about being too fancy, but a bright collar can help you spot your furry friend from a distance and maybe even in the dark. A waterproof, no-stink collar will be a giant bonus when your dog goes bounding into the river after a fish.

Comfy Leash
Your standard dog leash won’t do in the wild, my friend. You’ll want something that won’t restrict your pup’s movement but also allow you to see where he’s going when the sun goes down. A Grip Trek is the perfect combination of both; it’s flexible and contains 3M reflective materials so it’ll shine in the night to keep you from losing sight of your pup.

Of course, what’s camping without a few toys? A good, strong chew toy will help keep your pup from chowing down on poisonous plants and it’ll help you both get in some more activity at the end of your hike. Find some nice open land and start tossing!