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The 8 Best Dog Breeds for Beach Lovers

Summer is fast approaching and that means it’s time to take your dog to the beach! Not all dog breeds are well adapted for the coastal lifestyle, but if you’ve got one of these breeds, you’re probably going to have a little more fun than most.

American Water Spaniel
The state dog of Wisconsin was bred to be around and in the water. He loves hopping on a boat and isn’t bothered by waves. His curly coat also helps to wick water away from his body so drying off isn’t a challenge. He’s primarily a lake dog, but he does just as well on a sandy shore.
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Chesapeake Bay Retriever
The Chessie, as this dog is lovingly known, has no qualms about diving into water in the middle of winter. He’s one tough customer. Of course, he’s just as happy to hit the waves during the summer where he’s likely to dry off a little faster with a little aid from his water-resistant coat.
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The Newfoundland was designed to swim; he even has webbed feet! This big fella is often found on fishing boats up in Canada or swimming out in the waves. The coat is a little on the thick side but a regular shaving will keep this guy healthy during the hot summer days.
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The Otterhound is one of the oldest purebred dogs left standing today; and if his name wasn’t a giveaway, he loves the water. He has webbed feet, like the Newfoundland, and prefers to spend most of his time in the water. He’s a first-rate swimmer and can stand up against strong waves.
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Portuguese Water Dog
The Portie isn’t a particularly popular dog these days, but he’s well known among hunters and fisherman for his ability to retrieve and swim for hours on end. He has the webbed feet needed for effective swimming along with a tail that he actually uses as a rudder of sorts to help propel him forward in the water. That’s a great tool to have to fight against strong currents in the ocean.
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Spanish Water Dog
Not only does the Spanish Water Dog love wallowing in the waves, but he’s also an avid sportsman that excels at a variety of water-related games. He’s great on the beach since he’s always happy to join in on any activity you might have planned and won’t be deterred when a Frisbee goes flying into the water. In fact, you might have trouble getting him back out.
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Labrador Retriever
You’ll probably see more of these guys at the beach than any other breed of dog and that’s simply because they’re amazing friends. They love to play ball, catch a Frisbee or head out into the waves right beside you. Labs have been Americans’ favorite breed for over a decade now because they fit into any lifestyle, including that of the beach lover.ASNS-Tigris-41


Boykin Spaniel
These tough little guys were developed specifically to be boat companions for hunters along South Carolina’s coastal region. While you’ll mainly find them tagging along on swampy lakes and marshes, they’re also great for kayaking trips along the beach. They’re quiet by nature and will happily sit patiently with you as you roll along the waves.
Jumping Jeepers (Boykin Spaniel)