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8 Best Medium Sized Breeds for Outdoor Lovers

For outdoor lovers living the apartment life, trying to choose a dog to travel the trails with you is much like Goldilocks trying to decide on a chair: some are too big, others too small. You can spend months searching for one that is just right.

Whether you’re confined by a restricted living space or just want a happy medium, dogs between 35 and 65 pounds are often the best choice for those who enjoy spending their time outside. They can handle anything the trail will throw at them and can fit snugly at the edge of your bed when it’s time to call it a night.

German Pinscher
The German Pinscher is perfect for those who love the look of a Doberman but don’t quite have the room to handle a dog that size. These regal pups love to explore but don’t generally require a large yard to keep them happy, as long as you take them out for long walks and hikes. They’re also very affectionate and tend not to bark or chew as long as they’re happy.Go free!

American Pit Bull Terrier
Due to silly breed restrictions, you’ll have trouble getting one of these guys into an apartment, but if you have a home, they make for great companions. They adore their family, will follow you anywhere, crave affection, and are generally thought to be excellent family dogs. Plus, they’re happy to travel along on the trails with you wherever you go.EcoLucks-Cosmo-4

Australian Cattle Dog
The ACD is the ultimate outdoor dog, but isn’t exactly great for apartment living. They’re extremely high energy and need room to run which means they’re some of the best hiking partners a person could ask for. It also means they’ll go crazy in cramped spaces, though if you manage to find a more relaxed or older pup, it could still work.Autumn time

Bedlington Terrier
Despite their somewhat quirky appearance, Bedlington Terriers are ultimate outdoor beasts that also fit well into apartment living spaces. They’re energetic but not so much that they can’t sit still, they’re affectionate and friendly and they hardly ever bark. They’re overall pretty low maintenance pups that love a good hike or adventure. Bedlington Terrier in the snow

The Brittany might not do well in small spaces, but the breed’s friendliness is nearly unmatched and their pure joy at being outdoors almost makes up for their inability to stay in one spot for more than a few minutes at a time. Truthfully, you probably should only own one of these guys if you work from home and don’t plan on leaving him alone for long periods of time.Bracken the Brittany Spaniel

Whippets, nicknamed the “poor man’s Greyhound,” share the elegant appearance of their larger cousins but in a smaller package. They’re independent and can handle living in an apartment or townhouse but they also enjoy being out and about whenever possible. They won’t make much of a fuss and are friendly toward strangers, plus they’re easy to clean up after!Whippet

Korean Jindo
Korean Jindo dogs are a rarity here in the States, but their friendly dispositions and eagerness to explore the great outdoors make them wonderful companions for anyone looking for a lot of fun in a smaller package. They’re great in social situations, adapt well to apartment living are incredibly playful, but can be difficult to train. They’re great dogs for those who already have experience owning a pup, and they’re also pretty cute to boot!Jindo

There’s no better companion than a mutt and there are plenty of medium-sized mixes hanging out in shelters across the country in desperate need of a home. Many of them are trainable and can adapt well to small spaces (they spend enough time in them already) and would absolutely love the chance to accompany you out on any trail you’d like to hike.