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Dog-Focused Apps and Websites that Will Make Your Life Easier

Apps are all the rage with Generation-Xers and Millennials alike. Not only are they fun, but they can also be very useful. Recently, several apps and websites have been established to help pet owners find reliable pet-sitters and dog-walkers in their area. Going through these apps is typically less expensive than traditional kenneling or doggie-day care and some apps even allow you to trade your services for money to spend on your animal later. Here’s the rundown on some of the best.
Perfect for pet owners who want to stay local and build their pet-network, this app allows you to schedule, dog-walkers, pet-sitters, and pet drop-ins conveniently from your phone. Pet-parents can browse through profiles, read reviews, see rates, and determine who is best suited for their needs. Another perks, pet-parents can pay sitters electronically so no cash need change hands. For those trying to grow a pet-sitting business or dog lovers who just want a little extra cash, Rover is a fantastic way to reach out to people, build your business and keep track of your earnings for tax purposes.

Very similar to Rover but with, perhaps, a more extensive vetting process, DogVacay also allows you to connect with local pet-sitters in your area. Like Rover, they offer 24/7 support for clients and pet insurance is also an option. The app also allows you to get photo and video updates from your sitter to ensure your peace of mind.

Pet Fetch
This service is great for travelers who want to schedule a pet-sitter while traveling. It allows you to choose your state and location, then browse various pet sitters in that region with ease.

Have an iPhone and need to check-in on your animals while you’re away from home? The iSitter Baby Monitor app might be a good choice for you. Typically used by families with children, this is just as useful for pet-parents who want to make sure their fur-babies aren’t getting into mischief while they’re away or want to check-in to ensure they’re getting the standard of care they deserve. You’ll need to iOS devices and you’ll use your phone to check-in remotely.

Note: If you’re having a friend or pet-sitter come in to watch your animals, do consider letting them know that you’ll be checking in with this app. Otherwise, your relationship might be damaged if they feel you were spying on them without notice.
Typically used by families to find baby-sitters and nannies, also lists pet-sitters in your area. They offer options for finding a pet-sitter immediately or scheduling months in advance. If you have children, this may be the best site for you if you’re interested in streamlining how you do business with the caregivers in your life.