Top 10 Dog Breeds for Introverts

When it comes to adopting a dog, there’s much talk about factoring in a pup’s personality, but it’s equally important to think about your own. For introverts this is especially true; none of us want a dog that’s needy and tries to socialize with every human in sight—that means we’d have to talk with them, too.

Here are some great breeds for those dog lovers who are most content minding their own business.


St. Bernard
The massive St. Bernard is a jovial fella who’s just as happy hiking as he is lounging around the house. He doesn’t require too much attention, though leaving him along too long isn’t advised. And he’s not exactly a social butterfly who will stop and sniff every passersby.iStock_000022269804_Medium


The Akita might have something of a ferocious reputation, but the truth is that he’s just kind of aloof, which is perfect for an introvert. He’s the opposite of needy and rarely shows interest in strangers, so when someone stops to try and pet him, he’ll likely just walk away and drag you with him.


Anatolian Shepherd
The Anatolian Shepherd is giant beast of a dog, weighing upwards of 150 pounds, and can be a bit of a jerk toward strangers. He requires socialization early on to keep him friendly, but after that he’ll lose interest in hanging out with strange characters. He’s also fiercely protective of his family.©istockphoto/scotto72


Australian Cattle Dog
The ACD is an active little pup that thrives on the trail and constantly longs for a great adventure. As an added bonus he’s not really interested in making too many friends. His energy level is incredibly high so he can be a challenge and definitely needs a yard to run in. He’s also not a huge fan of cuddling, which could be great for an introvert.australian cattle dog


Chesapeake Bay Retriever
The Chessie is the perfect dog for introverts who love being on the water. He was trained to hunt fowl and can be great for those who spend a lot of time on the lake or river. Since the Chessie is also an introvert, you have to watch out for his overly protective nature, but a little bit of socialization can go a long way.chesapeake bay retriever


The Saluki is known for his high energy and enormous prey drive outside the home, but indoors he’s perfectly content to find a nice spot on the sofa and lounge around on his own. He’s friendly toward other dogs but would rather chill with his owner than other people. This breed requires a fenced in yard and a lot of attention, since they’re known to chase after everything.Walking saluki


Tibetan Mastiff
If you’ve got a lot of room and a cooler climate, the Tibetan Mastiff might be right for you. This giant pup loves some snow but is generally wary of strangers and won’t like anyone coming up and petting him in public. Honestly, most people are probably too intimidated by his size to even approach.Dog breed Tibetan Mastiff


Chow Chow
Despite their reputations, Chow Chows aren’t really mean; they’re just independent. You’ll rarely find one of these guys in your lap begging for attention, but he’ll likely jump for joy once that leash comes out and he sees a walk coming on.Chow Chow


German Wirehaired Pointer
The GWP, on the other hand, will probably attempt to permanently affix himself to your lower half. Some introverts prefer distance between themselves and other people but don’t mind snuggling with a pet, so this breed could be perfect for them. The GWP is also pretty high energy and loves the trails so he’s a great hiking companion who won’t slow you down while trying to make friends.iStock_000023397995_Mediumfeat


Cane Corso
The Cane Corso is not for first time owners and requires a good deal of experience; he’s independent and intelligent so training can be tough. However, he’s also incredibly loyal, loving and not likely to engage with strangers. In fact, since he looks a bit like a Pit Bull, a lot of people won’t approach him in the first place.

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