8 Dog Breeds That’ll Help You Snag a Date On the Trail

In these modern times where we’re all glued to our cell phones and working 60 hours a week just to make ends meet, it can be daunting trying to find time to date. You know the one surefire way to make it a little easier? Take a dog with you on the trail.

People love dogs, it’s a scientific fact. Having one by your side automatically makes you roughly a gazillion times more attractive to everyone you meet. Here are a few breeds that’ll up your dating game just a notch.


Labrador Retriever
Highly regarded as one of, if not the, friendliest dog breeds on the planet, the Labrador Retriever is the ultimate wingman. People love to pet these guys and bask in their loving kisses, and having one at your side says that you’re a fun-loving, approachable person who’d be great to date. Plus, you know they’re awfully athletic and can keep up with you on all of your hiking trips.ASNS-Red-Jake-8


Siberian Husky
The Siberian Husky is a great pooch to help you meet people not because people like to approach them, but more because they’ll approach anything that breathes. Feeling a little intimidated by that hot guy camping a couple of tents over? No worries, because your Husky is sure to drag you over and make you socialize with him anyway.


The face of a Boxer is pretty hard to resist, which is why he’s such a great dog to have along with you when you’re wanting to meet new people. Something about that scrunched noggin makes people want to come up and snuggle with him, leaving you the perfect opportunity to show off your sparkling personality and awesome taste in pets.ASNS-Dublin-17


Shiba Inu
It’s a dog that looks like a fox. We’re not sure what’s more attractive than that. These little guys have a fiery personality and don’t take crap from anyone, so they’ll be able to weed out the jerks from the good guys you run into out on the trail. Explaining what kind of dog they are is a great opener, too, and they can only handle being petted for a bit before the guy or gal will have to focus all their attention on you.


Doberman Pincher
This breed is perfect for women looking to snag a strong and steady man. Guys like tough looking pups and having a Doberman by your side sends that message that you’re not easily intimidated and can hold your own, a trait men tend to love. Plus, these dogs are just great companions who love to snuggle and go on long adventures pretty equally.


Golden Retriever
Much like their Labrador cousins, Goldens simply can’t help but run up to everyone they see. They’re social butterflies and are generally well loved in return, so having one with you while you’re out and about is a surefire way to make a new friend or two. They won’t do much for you if you’re socially awkward, but at least they’ll help you get out of the gate.EcoLucks-FightinRed-2


Great Dane
Great Danes tend to draw people in with their enormous size and gentle natures. They’re affable fellas who love to explore. Since these dogs don’t seem to have a mean bone in them, owning one sends the signal that you’re a friendly and loveable person. As they say, dogs tend to resemble their owners.EcoLucks-Firefly-1


Bernese Mountain Dog
The Bernese Mountain Dog is another gentle giant, but this one also has an endless supply of curiosity and strong pull toward every stranger he meets. His beautiful coat draws people in like bees to honey and he’s way too friendly to let a stranger pass by without a good rub. You’re sure to meet new people with one of these pups tagging along.