6 Dog Instagrams You Need to Be Following

From the beautiful images of the photo-documentary series The Dogist to Smiley, a unique Golden Retriever who will melt your heart, we’ve rounded up a pack of dog Instagrams that will add a previously unseen level of adorable to your feed.

Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog

Born without eyes in a puppy mill, Smiley the Golden Retriever’s life could have been the subject of an altogether different story had he not been adopted by dog trainer Joanne George. Now 14 years old, Smiley lives up to his name, brightening up the Internet with his infectious doggy grin. He’s a therapy dog with St John’s Ambulance and by all appearances, appears to relish his role. He lives on an idyllic property in Ontario, Canada, where he enjoys frolicking in the sunshine with his canine, equine, and human siblings.

The Dogist

A photo-documentary series devoted to man’s best friend, the Dogist captures shots of beloved pooches that would be at home in the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. Often captioned with succinct statements about the subject, this feed is a feel-good tribute to New York’s (and beyond) sweetest citizens.

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Find Momo

Momo, a sweet-faced Border Collie, accompanies her human on breathtakingly beautiful adventures, stopping to be snapped camouflaged into the local landscape. Sure, it’s fun to find Momo but just taking in Knapp’s photography is a treat in and of itself. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Momo’s soulful eyes as well as with the bigger picture of the beautiful relationship shared by a man and his dog.

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Menswear Dog

Bodhi the Shiba Inu doesn’t pretend he’s not the best-dressed dog in the world. After all, 256 000 followers don’t lie. Donning the most dapper duds, Bodhi poses for pictures in the boardroom, at the gallery, posing with fashion models, or just lounging at home (mid-century modern, naturally.) Don’t be surprised if you glean a few style tips by following his feed.

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Dean the Basset

Hailing from the 6ix, Dean the Basset is a long-eared love who manages to nail every picture like it’s his j o b. From cheeky shout-outs to local legends (Drizzy and Biebs, we’re looking at you) to perfectly timed snaps of him mid-ear shake, Deaner proves that it’s impossible to take a bad picture with a subject as cute as him.

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Doug the Pug

Is there anything that Doug can’t do? Nailing pop-culture tributes, running lemonade stands, taking in concerts—this jack-of-all-trades manages to pull off even the riskiest looks (donut onesie, anyone?) with panache. Follow Doug’s daily happenings for a smile but don’t be surprised if you find yourself growing envious at his covetable lifestyle.