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5 Smells Your Dog Probably Hates

Dogs are known for sticking their noses into just about everything (including poop!) so it might surprise you to know that there are some smells cause them to turn up their noses. If you’ve got any of the following scents lying around the house they could either be causing your pup discomfort or might come

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7 Best Dog Breeds With Natural Bobtails

There’s much debate over the necessity and ethics of docking a dog’s tail. Breeds like Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers and Boxers aren’t born with those stubby nubs but, rather, have them removed shortly after birth to achieve a specific look. It used to be that docking a dog’s tail was useful in working breeds to prevent

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7 Careers for Your Canine

Most dogs have more energy then their owners know what to do with and a couple of walks a day doesn’t always wear them out as much as you’d like. One way to get your pooch to settle down after a long day is to put him to work! Dogs love to have a job

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7 Reasons Spaniels Are the Best Breeds

There are many dog breeds to choose from, but not every breed is made equally. For outdoor lovers there are a few traits necessary in their four-legged friends that a lot of dogs just don’t meet. Spaniels, though, tend to check just about every box an adventurous owner might have. Here are a just a

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Bedlington Terrier: Dog or Lamb?

The Bedlington Terrier has a personality to match his cute and cuddly look. Just like the lamb he resembles, he’s an energetic bundle of joy who likes to play with everything and everyone. He’s friendly, great with kids and has so much energy he’ll probably outlast you on a run. British Origins The Bedlington comes

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