working dogs

A Tribute To Working Dogs

Some pups spend their days hanging out in the house, protecting your domain from enemy mail carriers and taunting cats. And that’s totally cool. But for some canines, working like a dog is more than symbolic. These highly trained animals serve their human handlers with the faithfulness and dedication only a pooch can provide.  

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Literature’s Top Dogs

Some of literature’s greatest characters are furry and four-legged. If you love books as much as you love canines, the dogs in these classics will make you howl with delight.   Buck, Call of the Wild Jack London’s classic adventure novel introduced us to this unforgettable pooch. A St. Bernard–Scotch Shepherd mix, Buck is dog-napped

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5 Dog-Friendly U.S. Cities

Whether you’re looking for a permanent change of address or just some new scenery for a weekend adventure with your faithful four-legged companion, these cities offer great amenities for dogs. From plentiful parks and outdoor space to canine haute cuisine, you’ll find tons of options for a dog-friendly visit. San Diego, California If your dog

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Caring For Your Aging Dog

Our dogs may forever remain puppies in spirit, but owners of older canines should be aware of these animals’ unique needs as their bodies age. From healthcare to exercise regimen, you can do your part to keep your senior canine healthy and happy as you make the most of those golden years. Adjusting to the

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Dublin Dog Promo Shoot

Does Your Dog Understand Human Speech?

Your dog is pretty smart. Her ears perk up when you ask her if she’s ready for dinner, and you find yourself spelling out words for fear that she’ll hear you and go into a frenzy (W-A-L-K, anyone?). But how well can your pup actually understand your speech? Puppy and Human Language Processing As most

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Home Grooming Tips

Professional groomers who trim and care for your dog are special people who love animals, but if your pooch isn’t the salon type, she might balk at being bathed, pampered and leaving with a bow between her ears. If you and your hound decide you are not the doggy-day spa type, here are some tips so you

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Top 8 Water-Loving Dogs

Some dogs turn up their noses at paddling in the family pool or splashing in the ocean, but many breeds can’t wait to jump into the deep end. If you’re looking for a dog that will be the perfect beach, pool and lake companion, check out these 8 breeds that you might have trouble keeping

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