Hike Safely with your Dog

Hiking with your dog is a fun way for you to get outside and get fit. That’s assuming you already take the prerequisite safety precautions for yourself—like wearing sunscreen and bug spray, staying on marked trails, bringing plenty of water, and so on. There are a few additional steps to take to keep your dog

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Tips for a Cookout with Your Pup

Nothing says summer like grilling out with friends and family—and that includes your furry family members, too! If your dog is comfortable around guests, find ways to include her into your cookouts all summer long. Bonus: If your friends or family members have friendly dogs who your dog knows and likes, extend the invitation to

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Beyond Agility: Awesome Dog Sports

Dog sports give owners and their dogs a fun way to bond, to exercise, and to compete together. Most dog owners are familiar with agility, though it’s not the right sport for every dog. Did you know there are other sports that you and your dog can do competitively (or just for fun)? Here are

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Train Your Dog to Be Your Running Mate

There’s a trend among running sites and forums on how to stay motivated to run: get a running partner. Who better to be your running buddy than your best four-legged friend? Running with your dog will keep you accountable—when you see how much he loves it, you’ll be loath to skip a day. Plus, training

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The Importance of Trick Training

Most dog parents understand the importance of basic obedience training. Behaviors like “sit” and “come” provide dogs with a foundation for good manners—and for safety. But why stop there? Spend fun, quality time with your dog through trick training. Though dog tricks seem frivolous on the surface, training your dog to perform tricks is an

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