Dog Park Romance

Looking for that love connection? Well, maybe you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. With the proliferation of dog parks worldwide, love is in the air. Okay, maybe that’s not love you smell but, if you follow these tips, maybe you and your dog will find that special someone. Stop and Smell the Roses

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Road Tripping With Pets

Everybody loves a road trip don’t they? Well, some pets do and some pets don’t. Traveling with a dog can be fun while fluffy the cat may make things unpleasant for everyone. There are ways to make it more comfortable for everyone involved, and just like traveling with your kids, you just have to plan

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Choosing a Vet for Your Dog

If the old tummy starts hurting, you don’t just run to the nearest doctor do you? No, you go to one you’ve settled on and trust. Well, when your pet needs health care, you should take the same care in choosing who your pup sees. Location, Location, Location Not that you should just pick the closest

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Crazy Things Your Dog Will Eat

It was recently reported a Great Dane in Portland ingested 43 ½ socks. What’s with the ½ sock? Did he finally realize “These things taste like socks?” And You Though They Only Ate Your Homework? Experts say chocolate is bad for dogs; it affects their heart and not in the good way it does female

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