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7 Best Dog Breeds for Ocean Adventures

With a summer hot on our heels, most of us are probably thinking about all those hours we’re going to spend riding the waves off the coast. Whether you plan on setting sail on a yacht or just surfing along the shores, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a four-legged friend in tow. Here are

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10 Best Breeds for Long Distance Hikers

Choosing the right breed of dog to tag along on your epic hiking adventures requires special consideration. While most dogs love to explore, not all of them have the energy or temperament to spend days or weeks in the woods. Here are a few that’ll do great traversing the trail for an extended period of

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The Magnificent Belgian Malinois

One look at a Belgian Malinois and you know that they mean business. They’re cute, sure, but it’s abundantly clear that if they have to, they can back up that bark with a mean bite. There’s a reason that these magnificent canines are the breed chosen to guard the White House; read on to find

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8 Best Breeds for Rock Climbers

Rock climbers are famous for dragging their dogs along with them when they hit the crags, much to both the chagrin and delight of fellow climbers. Whether you’re pro-pup at the cliffs or not, there’s no denying that some of our four-legged friends are better suited for the job than others. Here are the best

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Top 10 Dog Breeds for Introverts

When it comes to adopting a dog, there’s much talk about factoring in a pup’s personality, but it’s equally important to think about your own. For introverts this is especially true; none of us want a dog that’s needy and tries to socialize with every human in sight—that means we’d have to talk with them,

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8 of the Best Watchdog Breeds for the Family

All dogs are watchdogs, but some dogs have inherent watchdog traits. Many people use “watch” and “guard” interchangeably with dogs, but there’s actually one key difference: watch dogs alarm families when perceived danger is present, but a guard dog will alarm and do something about it. Many watch dogs are miniature breeds, such as the

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The 8 Best Dog Breeds for Beach Lovers

Summer is fast approaching and that means it’s time to take your dog to the beach! Not all dog breeds are well adapted for the coastal lifestyle, but if you’ve got one of these breeds, you’re probably going to have a little more fun than most. American Water Spaniel The state dog of Wisconsin was

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