7 Best Dog Breeds With Natural Bobtails

There’s much debate over the necessity and ethics of docking a dog’s tail. Breeds like Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers and Boxers aren’t born with those stubby nubs but, rather, have them removed shortly after birth to achieve a specific look. It used to be that docking a dog’s tail was useful in working breeds to prevent

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German Shepherd on snow

6 Breeds Allergy Sufferers Should Avoid

If you love dogs but have allergies, then you should note that certain breeds trigger allergies more than others. A common misconception is that people are allergic to the dog’s hair. The shedding of dander, or skin, is what causes watery eyes, itchy skin and runny noses. High dander, shedding, and drooling dogs will be

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Introducing Westminster’s Latest Breeds

If you tuned in to the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year, you may have noticed a few new faces in the ring. Seven breeds made their debut at this year’s event—more than are typically introduced in a given year—each adding a little more awesomeness to this 139-year old dog show. Without further

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7 Reasons Spaniels Are the Best Breeds

There are many dog breeds to choose from, but not every breed is made equally. For outdoor lovers there are a few traits necessary in their four-legged friends that a lot of dogs just don’t meet. Spaniels, though, tend to check just about every box an adventurous owner might have. Here are a just a

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Top 8 Water-Loving Dogs

Some dogs turn up their noses at paddling in the family pool or splashing in the ocean, but many breeds can’t wait to jump into the deep end. If you’re looking for a dog that will be the perfect beach, pool and lake companion, check out these 8 breeds that you might have trouble keeping

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