6 Dog Instagrams You Need to Be Following

From the beautiful images of the photo-documentary series The Dogist to Smiley, a unique Golden Retriever who will melt your heart, we’ve rounded up a pack of dog Instagrams that will add a previously unseen level of adorable to your feed. Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog @smileytheblindtherapydog Born without eyes in a puppy mill, Smiley

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DIY Trail Snacks/Treats for Your Dog

It seems a no brainer—protein or trail bars are good for you so why not your dog, right? Do your dog a healthy favor and resist the temptation to share these snacks with him. Take a close look at the ingredient list on bar wrappers and you’ll see why. First, a Bit of Science Most

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7 Best Books for Dog Lovers

Some of the best protagonists of our favorite stories are dogs. They’re courageous, love adventure and know how to have fun. If you’re a dog-lover you should definitely check out these books featuring our favorite furry buds. The Art of Racing in the Rain Many books feature animals as starring characters, but few of them

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DIY K-9 First-Aid Kit

Anyone who has spent significant time outdoors with a dog knows that domestic canines don’t have to look for trouble, trouble knows where they are at all times. Mushers, bird-hunters, even search and rescue personal will attest that the health and well being of their dogs is one of their major causes for concern. While

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