Tips for your GoPro Fetch

Who doesn’t love GoPro footage of happy dogs having fun? Here’s what you need to know about GoPro vests for dogs, and how to train yours to wear it. What is it? The GoPro harness for dogs is called a “Fetch” and retails for about $60. The waterproof, washable harness is designed to fit any

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Winter Gear Guide for Your Dog

New Years has come and gone, and with it, foot after foot of snow. Here’s some awesome gear to help prepare for the winter storm, or just make your dog look good in the snow. Fashionable LeashesEvery dog should match her environment. That’s why you should consider buying her a brand new leash like the

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Pet Insurance: The Pros and Cons

For many pet owners, their animals are beloved and considered members of the family. As such, just as you wouldn’t deny your child or family member a necessary medical procedure just because it’s too expensive, many pet owners refuse to allow their animals to suffer illnesses and injuries without the proper care. Unfortunately, just like

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Top 6 Books for Pet Lovers

Whether there’s a pet lover on your gift list or you’re just planning some holiday downtime, you’ll want to check out this list of best books for animal lovers. The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs—Patricia B. McConnellHumans and dogs are two very different species, yet dog owners

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6 Great Pet Care Apps

In our fast-paced lives, sometimes keeping track of even the most basic tasks can seem insurmountably difficult. Don’t let what’s most important to you get lost in the shuffle with these helpful apps that ensure that when it comes to your pet, you’re always on top of the game. From health and records to grooming

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