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6 Common Mistakes First Time Puppy Owners Make

Puppies have this super power where they hypnotize humans with their complete and utter cuteness in order to distract us from the naughty behaviors that, incurred in puppy-hood, can be carried into adulthood. Then, once those sappy puppy antics wear off, so do the blinders, leaving dog owners baffled and wondering, “Where did these behaviors

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6 Wacky Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs aren’t just cute, loyal, intelligent and sweet: they can be downright weird, and some of their kooky behaviors can have us scratching our heads or busting out in laughter. Have you ever wondered why dogs chase their tails or grosser yet, eat poop? We have the answers to these canine mysteries for you. Here

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6 Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Have you ever come home from a bad day at work and found your mood lifted when you saw your dog? If so, there’s a reason why. Dogs are therapeutic and science is proving that owning a pet can improve an owner’s health and wellbeing. If you are unsure of how or why, keep reading

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5 Smells Your Dog Probably Hates

Dogs are known for sticking their noses into just about everything (including poop!) so it might surprise you to know that there are some smells cause them to turn up their noses. If you’ve got any of the following scents lying around the house they could either be causing your pup discomfort or might come

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How to Put Together a Stellar Pet Resume

Perhaps you’re planning to rent from a landlord who is leery of having a dog on their property. You may also be searching for petcare from a private pet-sitter or hoping to win over a roommate who’s on-the-fence about living with your dog. Whatever your motivations, creating a pet resume (all the rage, these days)

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Signs Your Dog Needs the Vet

Has your dog’s behavior suddenly changed? Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. When they begin to show signs that are abnormal to their routine, owners should prepare themselves for a veterinarian visit. The following warning signs indicate whether a emergency or a regular vet is recommended. Abnormal Eating Patterns It’s no secret that dogs

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6 Ways to Pick the Best Dog Name

Whether you just got a dog or are thinking about getting one, choosing a name is not easy. With so many choices you may not even know where to begin. Although everyone loves advice, it’s best to think about how you want to name your dog. These tips and ideas are here to help you

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