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6 Signs Your Dog May Have Worms

Is your dog’s behavior off lately? If so, it may be a sign that he or she has worms. Worms are an internal parasite, which is a common health problem for dogs. Dogs can develop worms for various reasons: infected mothers can transmute worms to the fetus in the uterus or through breastfeeding or dogs who eat

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6 Common Mistakes First Time Puppy Owners Make

Puppies have this super power where they hypnotize humans with their complete and utter cuteness in order to distract us from the naughty behaviors that, incurred in puppy-hood, can be carried into adulthood. Then, once those sappy puppy antics wear off, so do the blinders, leaving dog owners baffled and wondering, “Where did these behaviors

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8 of the Best Watchdog Breeds for the Family

All dogs are watchdogs, but some dogs have inherent watchdog traits. Many people use “watch” and “guard” interchangeably with dogs, but there’s actually one key difference: watch dogs alarm families when perceived danger is present, but a guard dog will alarm and do something about it. Many watch dogs are miniature breeds, such as the

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10 Best Cities for Dog Lovers in the USA

One of the great injustices of the world is that there are currently cities in which you can’t safely live with your dog. Between leash laws, breed restrictions, lack of outdoor access and general misinformation about certain breeds, not every city is a safe haven for your pup. Of course, that doesn’t mean there are

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The 8 Best Dog Breeds for Beach Lovers

Summer is fast approaching and that means it’s time to take your dog to the beach! Not all dog breeds are well adapted for the coastal lifestyle, but if you’ve got one of these breeds, you’re probably going to have a little more fun than most. American Water Spaniel The state dog of Wisconsin was

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6 Wacky Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs aren’t just cute, loyal, intelligent and sweet: they can be downright weird, and some of their kooky behaviors can have us scratching our heads or busting out in laughter. Have you ever wondered why dogs chase their tails or grosser yet, eat poop? We have the answers to these canine mysteries for you. Here

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